Hi, I'm Andrea!

I'm a wife, mom of two, follower of Jesus, aromatherpist, dog lover, antique collector, entrepreneur, mason jar hoarder, hiker, wannabe gardener, essential oil junkie, and lover of dirt roads. I live with my family out in the middle of nowhere in Pennsylvania, in a little town of 300 where everyone knows everyone's name. We frequently hike on the Rising Mountain and own a little piece of it (hence the name Rising Mountain Aromatics).

I love all things old: vintage recipes, weathered barns, rusty antiques, and chipped paint. I thrive on a bit of organized chaos, and it doesn't bother me in the slightest to live 30 minutes from the closest grocery store.

I wasn't raised using essential oils, but my parents always had a belief that simply taking a pill was not always the answer. We went to a very forward thinking doctor who made house calls and suggested diet changes and other options before giving antibiotics or a pill. I now have a Functional Medicine Doctor, who I adore! She has helped our family learn so much about eating clean. I am dairy, gluten, soy and egg free (yes, I'm sensitive to all of those) and feel absolutely wonderful!

One day, a few years ago, I attended an Essential Oil class with my daughter and had my very first ah-ha moment! I suddenly wanted more.

I decided, along with my hubby, to travel a few roads less traveled, which lead me to securing my Certification in Aromatherapy as well as becoming an Essential Oil Educator. My passion for helping people and blending uniquely for each person has exploded. I love sharing with others that, YES, you have a choice and you can be EMPOWERED to help support your family's health and wellness in a natural way!

Diving headfirst into the Aromatherapy/Essential Oil lifestyle has been one of the most difficult, empowering, and most fulfilling things I've ever done. I knew there had to be others out there who were ready to take charge of their lives, live with intention, get out of the rut, and return to their roots.

I invite you to join me in this essential oil adventure opening new paths for you and your family's health and well-being.

Andrea Cauffman

On the Use of Essential Oils:

  • I promote the professional, ethical and safe use of essential oils and related products to maximize their full potential as certified pure therapeutic agents.
  • I have witnessed essential oils significantly help to improve quality of life.
  • The foundation of Rising Mountain Aromatics blends are based upon chemistry and scientific fact.
  • I wish to effectively integrate the use of essential oils alongside your regular medical care.
  • I am passionate about the field of aromatherapy, I am professionally certified & educated, and I receive on-going education and training from some of the world's leading aromatherapists.